Ronchetti Left GOP Over Trump Election

LAS CRUCES, NM- Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Gavin Clarkson released footage Monday morning in which his primary opponent Mark Ronchetti formally renounced his affiliation with the Republican Party in March of 2019 due to his dissatisfaction with President Trump.

“Right off the bat,” Ronchetti says on the video (clip attached), “I’m a Christian conservative who used to be a Republican until The Orange One, then things…I’m afraid that has taken a part of my soul, and that’s not coming back.”

“That’s clearly a Never-Trump dog whistle,” Clarkson says. 

Ronchetti’s remarks were streamed on Facebook Live at a University of New Mexico environmental evangelism event entitled “Talking With Family and Friends About Climate Change.”

According to the coverage of the climate change event by the Daily Lobo, “New Mexico exhibits the effects of climate change in the form of increased forest fires and drought, Ronchetti said.” 

“With Nancy Pelosi and her socialist comrades already setting the stage for another impeachment,” Clarkson says, “Republicans can’t afford to nominate another Never-Trumper like Mitt Romney. We’ve got to have a nominee President Trump knows he can count on to help flip New Mexico red, someone who has actually stood with President Trump even when doing so involved extreme personal sacrifice.”

“For Ronchetti to open his remarks by renouncing the GOP to a gathering of far-left climate change alarmists in 2019, just nine months before seeking the Republican nomination, should raise disturbing questions about what he really believes and how he would behave in the U.S. Senate,” he adds.

Ronchetti, a former Albuquerque weatherman, got off on the wrong foot in the GOP primary when he once again displayed his disdain for Trump in his announcement video saying, “I don’t agree with every tweet or soundbite.” 

Ronchetti later attacked those who questioned his loyalty to Trump as little Facebook trolls who are in their parents’ basement with their Cheeto-stained fingers.”  

“Despite his campaign’s best efforts to scrub the internet of his Never-Trump sympathies,” Clarkson says, “Ronchetti’s prior lack of demonstrable support for conservative causes is even more concerning.” 

“Only one candidate in this race is a lifelong Republican who has proudly and publicly supported President Trump before running for office, been appointed by President Trump to serve in his administration, been relentlessly smeared by the same fake news media outlets that have waged endless witch hunts against the president, and been fired by the radical liberals running New Mexico State for supporting Trump,’ Clarkson says.

“And that’s me.”