Romney FAILS in Impeachment

Trump Derangement Syndrome started even before Donald Trump beat the socks off Hillary Clinton. So did Washington D.C.’s plans to impeach him. 

They know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box this year, so they thought they could use impeachment to permanently block him from running again. 

And Mitt Romney (RINO-Utah) went right along with their coup every step of the way.

“Russian collusion” didn’t pan out, and the Mueller Report was a dud, so they concocted two articles of impeachment that were overly-broad and constitutionally deficient. In other words, Nancy Pelosi and her puppet masters, the Socialist Squad of Rashida “We’re going to impeach this motherf&#@%!” Tlaib and Alexandria Occassio-Cortez, impeached OUR president without a single Republican vote for something that is clearly NOT a crime, setting a dangerous precedent of partisan prosecution over a merely political dispute. 

Today, the Senate rightly acquitted the president on both counts, wisely protecting high legal standards for what James Madison called the constitution’s “indispensable remedy.” 

All of the “Republican” senators voted to acquit, all except one: Mitt Romney. 

Yes, that Mitt Romney, the self-obsessed sore loser who would have made a fantastic running mate for Hillary Clinton! 

Romney’s conduct is sorely disappointing and shows his true elitist ideology. 

Normally I reserve such harsh criticisms just for Democrats, but RINOs are not entitled to the protection of “Reagan’s 11th Commandment.” On the most important vote he has faced so far since joining the U.S. Senate, Mitt Romney voted with Democrats to remove President Trump from office and from the 2020 ballot. 

That’s why electing people who claim to be Republican isn’t enough. Not by a long shot.

President Trump doesn’t need just any 54th Republican vote in the U.S. Senate, and he sure doesn’t need another Mitt Romney. President Trump needs a battle-tested swamp warrior he can really count on through thick and thin. 

I’m the only senate candidate in New Mexico who’s been HIRED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP and FIRED BY SOCIALIST PROFESSORS AT NMSU. When there was actually a cost for my political views and my job was literally on the line, I stood with our president, and I’ll proudly stand with him and his #AmericaFirst agenda as New Mexico’s next United States Senator. 

And Democrats are already planning future impeachments once he’s re-elected.

That’s what’s at stake. You know where I’ll stand. Your support will make all the difference!

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