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To My Fellow Patriots,

As a former Trump Administration appointee, I served the President as his Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of the Interior, where I saw first hand the Deep State try to destroy his presidency. 

But the Deep State quickly found out that the American people stood with Trump and that any attempt to undermine him will be pushed back. 

We have to keep the pressure up and not surrender this critical open U.S. Senate seat to the Democrats. Nancy doesn't have the votes for her bogus impeachment and is trying to stack the deck with new puppets that she can control in the Senate!

President Trump and I need YOUR help. If we succeed, it will be together and not alone. That's why every dollar pledged will be evenly split between my campaign and President Trump's campaign. Click here to chip in and do your part to help secure our united victory in 2020!

Onward to Victory,

Gavin Clarkson