Partisan Impeachment Impaired Pandemic Preparedness

The Chinese Coronavirus is wreaking a horrible toll on America. Thousands have died, tens of thousands are sick, and millions are out of work. People want to blame someone for the crisis. As I’ve said before, China deserves most of the blame. But Democrats want to blame President Trump instead. 

In reality, Democrats should blame themselves. Their impeachment charade kept our leaders from focusing their attention on a looming pandemic. While the coronavirus was ravaging China and keen observers were warning of its dangers, the U.S. Senate felt a political witch hunt was a more important matter.

Trump wasn’t exonerated until February 5th, well after the virus had spread to other countries around the world. America was left unprepared because congressional Democrats wanted to remove President Trump on the flimsiest grounds possible. Imagine if Democrats worried more about America than their own political agenda. We could’ve had a serious response if Congress hadn’t been glued to the impeachment proceedings for all of December and January. The Democrats are responsible for that distraction, indeed dereliction of duty.

And that left America less prepared than we could have been. Their witch hunt against the president cost us valuable time and resources that could’ve been used to prepare for a pandemic. Instead, they wasted that time on grandstanding speeches.

I’m running for the Senate to put an end to this swampish behavior. Our lawmakers need to get their priorities straight. A deadly virus coming to the homeland is a far greater concern than petty partisan politics, but unfortunately even now it is evident that DC Democrats still want to overthrow the 2016 election results at any cost. 

Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff have already set up a committee to impeach President Trump again for the pandemic response that they slowed down during the last impeachment. And it’s more than obvious that many on the left want to see the economy locked down until November just to make sure President Trump can’t get re-elected for strong economic performance. 

At some point, our love of country and our fellow citizens must come ahead of partisan warfare.