Partisan Impeachment Impaired Pandemic Preparedness

The Chinese Coronavirus is wreaking a horrible toll on America. Thousands have died, tens of thousands are sick, and millions are out of work. People want to blame someone for the crisis. As I’ve said before, China deserves most of the blame. But Democrats want to blame President Trump instead. 

Coronavirus Testing? Blame Bureaucracy.

While serving in the early days of the Trump administration, I saw some of the worst monstrosities the swamp has to offer firsthand, up close and personal. 

About 25% of the federal workforce are hard-charging public servants I’d gladly hire in the private sector. 

Flashback Friday: Virus proves need for Border Control

Gavin's Op-Ed in The Gallup Independent:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the coronavirus will likely strike America hard in the coming months. 

Unfortunately, Washington’s only answer has been to continue partisan quibbling over a “spending package.” Instead of getting ahead of this foreseeable crisis and doing something effective right now, Congress is doing the only thing it knows how to do: spend money we don’t have. Not that there shouldn’t be a swift appropriation of funding, but the Swamp is ignoring the obvious problem here--our open border and broken immigration system.

Op-Ed: How to make China Pay for the Coronavirus

If China had come clean about the coronavirus just three weeks sooner, the number of current cases might be 95% less, a recent study found. But instead, the Communist Chinese dictatorship attempted to cover it up. The current worldwide pandemic is the result.

Audit All Aid to China. Then END It.

If the United States had a teenage son living in its basement, it would be Communist China. Outwardly, our basement dweller casts the image of a challenged, almost tortured being, whose success might be guaranteed if we only buy it another used car. In reality, China is sitting down there watching our every move, counting the days until we die so he can finally claim his inheritance, taking every opportunity to get whatever he can in between and occasionally coming up to the kitchen to microwave a Hot Pocket.

Can the Political Correctness on China

The Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses a potentially huge threat to American lives and the American way of life, yet liberals worry more about what we call it. This is just the latest example of political correctness literally killing our country.

Get Dr. Gavin Clarkson to the Senate.

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