Harvard Elitists want to BAN Homeschooling.

The Chinese Coronavirus Crisis has clarified what really motivates much of the far left, and that is total control, the iron-fisted imposition of a secular and socialist worldview on everyone else, regardless of conscience or consent.

We’ve seen it with drive-in church services on Easter Sunday being targeted for enforcement while drive-thru liquor stores are allowed and abortion mills remain open.

One of the favorite whipping boys of the left has always been homeschooling families.

Now Professor Elizabeth Bartholet is proposing a “presumptive ban” on homeschooling. 

Unfortunately, she teaches at my alma mater, Harvard Law School. 

But don’t hold that against me.

While at Harvard, I chaired a Christian abortion alternative center in Boston, and then spent nearly two decades teaching capitalism in the college classroom, which eventually got me hired by President Trump and fired by the Marxist administrators at New Mexico State.

Professor Bartholet describes homeschooling as an “authoritarian” practice. It reminds me of the movie Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

She generalizes homeschool parents as “extreme religious ideologues,” whose children will not be introduced to "democratic values, ideas about nondiscrimination, and tolerance of other people's viewpoints.” Sounds like she needs a dose of her own medicine!

Professor Bartholet writes one thing we can agree with though: “I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority." 

Ironically, her idea of powerful people is apparently parents, not the police powers of government she wants to direct against them. Using government force to ban homeschooling is the very definition of authoritarianism.

Professor Bartholet’s broadbrush treatment of homeschooling fails to account for the facts.

The main motivation for homeschooling is “concern about the school environment, such as safety, drugs, and negative peer pressure,” and bullying. 

And the fastest growing homeschooling demographic is actually: “urban, secular parents who are disillusioned with a test-driven, one-size-fits-all mass schooling model and want a more individualized educational environment for their children.”

Studies show homeschooled children have more community involvement and participation in extracurricular and volunteer activities and are better prepared for civic engagement at a time when 

37 percent of Americans can’t identify a single right protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. 

Nevertheless, what really motivates these totalitarian academic elitists is at root an anti-religious bigotry. 

That’s why President Trump needs a Battle-Tested Swamp Warrior like me on the Senate Judiciary Committee to help confirm even more constitutionalist conservative judges to the federal bench. 

Whether Ivy League elites like it or not, all families have the 1st Amendment right to exercise their religion freely, and that fundamental right extends especially into educating our children.