LAS CRUCES, NM- Dr. Gavin Clarkson is celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary and pledging to “put New Mexico back on the map in Washington, D.C.” for Republicans.

While applying for his marriage license one year ago today, Clarkson provided a D.C. clerk his New Mexico driver’s license but was then asked to produce an international passport.

'My supervisor says we cannot accept international driver's licenses,” the clerk said. “Do you have a New Mexico passport?'"

A year later, Clarkson still makes light of the absurd incident and the ensuing international news story it sparked as the cornerstone of his campaign for U.S. Senate. “Apparently New Mexico needs an ambassador to Washington, D.C.,” Clarkson said. “We’ve been a state for 107 years now, and I want to make sure we are heard. I’m the only Republican who can work with President Trump to flip this state in 2020 and make sure that happens.”  

Dr. Clarkson is available for interviews upon request.


 About Dr. Clarkson:

In addition to holding both a BA and an MBA from Rice University, Dr. Gavin Clarkson is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School where he was president of the Native American Law Students Association, a member of the Federalist Society, and the first tribal member to earn a doctorate from the Harvard Business School.

Named the nation’s “leading scholar in tribal finance” by The Financial Times, Dr. Clarkson has been cited by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today on matters of tribal finance, economic development, and federal Indian law, subjects he has taught at the University of Michigan, the University of Montana, the University of Houston, and New Mexico State University.